Turquoise Tentacles

April 8, 2018
Welcome back, everyone, for the second week of Na/GloPoWriMo!

Today’s craft resource is an oldie – Percy Bysshe Shelley’s essay A Defence of Poetry. Shelley basically thought poetry was magic and poets were wizards. While the language of the essay is a bit antiquated, it’s hard not to be infected by Shelley’s ecstatic enthusiasm about all things poetic.
And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Let’s take a leaf from Shelley’s book, and write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur.

Turquoise Tentacles

Greek festival, dazzling beauty in turquoise dress
pulls men, eyes entangled in her flowing hair
one dares, reaches, takes her hand, they dance
in circle of Greek dancers swerve weave meandering glyphs
underground pull mesmerizes all in its radius

turquoise girl, graceful flower, demure delight
floating tropical iris
bold grey-haired fisherman, proud fierce awkward, lost in tidal pull
stumbles away tall proud still swaying

beauty, sovereign, smiles
smooths long hair, alluring like innocent Medusa’s
Athena’s priestess’, outshone goddess’ glory
no harm intended

curls morph into snakes, slither at ease
in onlooker’s eyes

watch the spectacle
wedding on tropical isle

girl’s bridal dress turquoise like
sky before sun slips into night, sea hides mysterious depths
silken sail, billows above port starboard bow
ties captain to mast, blinds by beauty

dress laid out, unwrinkled perfection
left, hurried excitement, in New York taxi
courier, miraculous, makes journey, delivers

silken turquoise tulle dentelle envelops bride
inebriates bridegroom, intrepid adventurer, dreamer

in thrall slips silver black onyx ring, glyph-engraved
on delicate heart finger
before black priest

urgent tug, whispers: look, look
fireworks in the sky, swathes of lightning
cosmic discotheque display neon-splashes the sky
vows are spoken

crowd celebrates drinks eats toasts laughs dances
rum steel drums jerk chicken multicolored lights callaloo fritters
Red Stripe beer, angry iguanas, smoke from flaming torches
lit-up spider’s webs, tree-frogs in concert
bride, bridegroom, orchid-entangled, vanish

hot night
guests jump from cliff into dark
risk ripping skull
sea, black molasse, laps around feverish heads

moon goes down sun comes up
newly-weds’ morning swim
cuts through jungle fauna flora chicken mice lice palm fronds
something fearsome ghostly underwater
jealous creature from the dark lunged
tentacles trapped bride’s white ankle, wound around leg, thigh
world swiveled
newly-wed husband struggled with gigantic medusa
fought off Portuguese man-of-war, floating jellyfish terror
carried bride, martyred trophy, reclaimed from the sea

Medusa’s beauty, bad luck, infatuated Poseidon
god of the seas took her by force
Athena jealous of mortal beauty outshining hers
cursed Medusa’s curly hair into wriggling snakes
helped Perseus behead her

innocent Medusa, symbol of good
left everlasting gifts:
protective amulet, her head, keeps evil away
Pegasus, winged stallion, her son by the god of the seas,
takes the Muse on a magical flight
poet, hold tight

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