Crow in a Teacup

April 14, 2018

Today, we are two weeks into Na/GloPoWriMo. I hope you feel that your writing is humming along. And if you’ve gotten behind, don’t worry – there’s plenty of time to catch up!

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Dream dictionaries have been around as long as people have had dreams. Interestingly, if you consult a few of them, they nearly always tend to have totally different things to say about specific objects or symbols. Dreams, unlike words themselves, don’t seem to be nicely definable! At any rate, today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things:
Ballet slipper
Wobbly table
Happy writing!

Crow in a Teacup

Primordial vessel. If it appeared in your dream, you have evolved
from using your bare hands to drinking from a receptacle.
Made from earthenware, modest terracotta for the common mortal,
refined into porcelain and translucent china. Gold for a king,
silver for a prince.
Lead for Roman prefect—taste for extravagant luxury caused death
from lead-poisoning. Modern-day paper or plastic.
What does your cup say about you?
What is its value?
Its material, style, shape? Its glazing—the single drop of blue that
ran down its side in the potter’s hands? Drop still visible, palpable,
frozen in time, left in place by design, symbol of manmade imperfection?
Sign of your imperfection? No.

Your teacup’s true value lies in the empty space it holds, to be
filled with tea: essence of wakefulness.
A legend likens teacups to the eyelids of Bodhidharma that he
cut off and threw away to never fall asleep while meditating.
You drink tea to stay awake.
If you dreamt of a teacup, you are trapped in superficial concerns,
lost in a world of illusion. Rub your eyes, open them wide,
be aware of yourself, your surroundings, face reality.
You forgot what’s essential, you’re disconnected from your spirit.

Tea ceremony. Ancient Japanese ritual. Shared drinking from the cup
creates awareness of postures and gestures, instills respect for the
activities and objects of everyday life.
Ancient initiatory rite to accept life’s bitterness, without
shrinking or grimacing.
If in your dream you emptied the entire cup in one gulp and
thought that was fun:Excellent omen. Sign of expanded awareness.
Tealeaves. Read your destiny in their pattern.
Tea in your cup as a mirror. Look deeply into it (Dragon Pearl
Jasmine tea or Oolong with rose petals): images, symbols will
arise,about your life, past,future. Let words, poems emerge,
to illuminate your path with meaning.
(Optional) prompts:

Teacup I
teacup bowl of nothingness
holds universe
crow steps through dandelions
outside window wanted
tea never enough
fill refill
tart taste turns on space
among thoughts things
crow can wander
among dandelions

Teacup II
teacup mirror now
reflect me crow among
sunlit dandelions

Teacup III
look long and deep
tea in your cup
holds your original face

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