Email to a friend who just lost job, car, home.

Dearest! Wow! What a trial to go through, being assailed from all angles at the same time! Job, car, home – everything that’s wrapped around your earthly being demanding to be renewed!

You truly have created an amazing challenge for yourself: to set the stage for stepping into your unique, authentic, dreamt-of role in life, thanks to your breath-takingly speedy) evolution! 

It feels like I’m sitting here right next to you. I open Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”—it unfailingly offers helpful oracular advice. It falls open on page 51 (Phase 3, Aries 3 degrees). It says: 

“The stage of participation in a greater life”. “The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies himself with Its life”.

Magnificent! It evokes precisely what you are aiming for, living through/towards! It clearly reveals the unconditional support of the Universe. The oracle says: you are most fortunate. Go for it!

A practical ritual.

Create a special quiet moment. Say to the Universe: 

1)I want to be all I am and serve you.

2)These are my gifts (all of them: used, dormant, dreamt of).

3)This is what I wish for: full list, no limits.

4)Please, Universe, now it’s up to you: create the circumstances for using my gifts, fulfilling my wishes!

You have emptied yourself, feel hugely relieved. Sit back and forget all about it. (Further thought or doubt only creates interference.) All is said (your job), and–from the Universe’s viewpoint–all is done (at the Universe’s no-time-space-quantum-immediacy level).

Relax. Give earth-time the breathing space to materialize what you desire. That’s all there is to do. Listen. Be happily alert. No efforting. Let the Universe choose the how: trust. It’ll turn out to be the very best–for you and the highest good for all. 

Savor every one of these crazy, high-energy moments of radical renewal. Expect wonderful surprises. Sophisticated choreography.

Lots of love,

Jo C 

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