20190330_1740006218091482939186384.jpgExcited! Discovered quick decision tool! (I have a tough time making up my mind.)

Example Question: Should I take this internet course on energy mastery? Yes or No?                 (Answer delivered in the form of an image.)

If No, What’s it like? Answer: A neighborhood road. Meaning: More of my same old known reality.

If Yes, What’s it like? Answer: A string of pearls. Meaning: A precious gift. Grown inside.

Then I double checked: Question: Any dissonant wavelength, hidden guru-power trap? Answer: the Pearls, unstrung, placed on the palm of my hand. Meaning: Use as you please.

(I registered right away and got the maximum discount.)

(based on InNerviews with Soul technique in WILD SEA-SALT OF LIFE)

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