Up and out from a down moment

Important. Don’t delay. Don’t let sludge harden into cement. Get back into your normal lit-up state fast! To create and maintain a positive momentum is the trick!
Whenever we are in a down space, we actually have advanced to a great moment: our consciousness has expanded and revealed negativity. Unpleasant but a big step forward! Asking for the next step: transformation!
There is a powerful energy technique to get rid of that negative feeling. No need to think, understand, go into the whys and hows and wherefroms. None of that is required or even useful.
Simply remove the negative energy. Bit by bit. One at a time.
Take e.g. frustration. Ask: where it is located in your body. Your intuition tells you: this spot in my brain. my left shoulder. my right foot. Whatever your body signals: trust it. Your body knows. (There may be several spots.)
Give that (e.g. frustration) energy a shape, a color, smell, sound – again, whatever your imagination tells you, is fine. A red iron hook?A rat? A weed?
Pull that out. Discard it down into the earth.
I often use black liquid as an expression of negative energy. Let it flow out. Syphon it off. Let it drop down into the earth.
Next: Fill the cleared space with golden light streaming down on you. Till you overflow with that light.
The effect is fantastic. You can get yourself back into your normal happy bright positive energetic state amazingly fast.
(If you actually practice!)
Have fun! Let me know how it goes.
Note: when you practice this, your body, thankful, eager for more, may actually take the lead: it may signal a pain. It’s wanting to help you.
Same technique: you ask the spot: what energy is sitting here? Depict it. Give it a shape. Whatever your imagination comes up with – take that and pull it out – the same way as above.
The results are astounding.
I pulled out “unable to act” from my left lower canine. Days ago. I’m becoming assertive, reorganize stuff, take unexpected initiatives. (Like this one.) People are so respectful and kind. Apparently I display greater authority. (Husband notices approvingly.) 🀣 I am amused.
Life is filled with surprising fun!

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