Life’s a thumbtack

NaPoWriMo DAY ONE 1 April 2020

got a round, a pointed side

 a coppery smooth, a sharp one

curiously manmade, metal, 

can’t complain if I thought up 

a paradox of a tool,

need to control things

put them in place

make sure they’re where they belong

I demand order and certainty

except how orderly, how certain is 

this thumbtack of a life?

Handle it the wrong way

it’ll stab you

push it where you’d want it, 

you’ll exhaust yourself

inadvertently step on it

it’ll puncture your soul

life’s giant thumbtack

sometimes shines a sunny sheen

others its twists and turns 

assail with pointed spears

now it’s got me locked down

where it’s decided I belong

else without even a pinprick

a mere sneeze, an out-breath 

it’ll end my life like

it’s killed thousands

which end, the sharp

or the benevolent 

will turn my way?

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