Stagnation or Thrill




NaPoWriMo DAY FIVE 5 April 2020


Boredom is still, stagnant water

a smelly pond all overgrown

by an abandoned, back-to-jungle

garden, tropical kaleidoscope,

but burst of colors in a temperate clime

chimes serenades in my ears. Robin Lane Fox

in love with daffodils in Herefortshire

should report it in the Financial Times

though that he’s the expert isn’t clear

he might clap back, what the heck

Chrissie won’t feel salty about minor crap

she’ll go for wetland plants like thistle

or parasitics like Santalales

mistletoe blossoming in midwinter

a poisonous wand it’ll enchant

hogy vagy, kiss you, virtual and live

drive you off any Google street map

distill sweet brandy from moldy wheat

velvet to the tongue, itrendy, don’t whimper

there’s power in your little finger

citizen of LaLaLand, limber up, don’t skimp

understand it’s a treat, a fleeting moment

gravitating toward levitation, filmed

slow-motion model for a flight

from bitter-taste-reality right to agapimu

in sight, true-blue like an ornament

for Chrissie to grow in water, limelight

a tropical kaleidoscope that’ll hum

with chrysanthemums, wild plums

back-to-jungle lushness by an opalescent

pond, its still waters thrilling, a delight


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