NaPoWriMo DAY SEVENTEEN 17 April 2020

Prompt: Once new now old invention


Wire comes to mind

demanding attention

most evocative

not to bind nor at all kind

kinda provocative


young girl loves to roam

secretly alone

through meadows woods

looks for golden-eyed toads

toadstools’ pretty poison

maybe gnomes

among moss and leaves


hugs tree trunks

caresses gnarled roots

lost in magic on and on

lost sense of time

dusk descends unawares


reaches a clearing

bearings lost

scared stares

moving shadows roam


stumbles ahead anyway

something silvery grey

strung out right there

in front of her

stops: line not to cross?

what trick in her world of magic

moon rising owl screeching?


takes chance advances

touches shock scream

wire’s gleam not enough

trespass rough

falls into dew-moist grass

brief shiver shake


back to real awake

ashamed: feared shadows

no blood-curdling ghosts

mere host of ruminating cows

relieved revives

finds way back

vows to explore the magic

of wires turned electric

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