Small Extravagant Pleasures

NaPoWriMo DAY EIGHTEEN 18 April 2020

Prompt: small pleasures


spring buds on meagre disheveled larch rosy-hued beside dry brown cones loyal dead-seeming wood fulfills loving promise

hot chocolate intense smooth mellow sweetness licked sucked slow melting warms palate throat chest mollifies mood aloe for soul

hot shower splashes streams down face shoulders breasts belly thighs lapping it up every inch of skin awake luscious liquid wrap

fireplace flames shooting up chunks of wood aglow sparks fiery dots rise pinecones crackle smoky smell wafting outbreath reignites fire

beloved voice enveloping sonorous resonates through hollow dome of chest pleasurable goosebumps moist eyes smile

hand on forehead cool reassuring back home  in touch with body self precious moment’s reunion finder’s fee of joy toes wriggle glee

snatched from claws of death this mammal packed with light-software necessity disbelief hunger bewilderment unearned bliss surprise sun on skin what’s left to do be

red robin sings silver pearls scintillate breath stops holds still eyes closed oasis mouth forehead chest open every pore rapt drinks luminous joy

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