At Delphi: Leave Stones Unturned

NaPoWriMo DAY NINETEEN 19 April 2020

Prompt: Walking Archive of things found wandering around



stone forgotten on a windowsill

behind closed shutters, unused room


flat, grey, tinge of ochre, center

open, oblique, eerie eye staring


shocked, wanderer at Delphi ‘s site

stopped, bent down

knelt among temple columns

gods, goddesses, graciously captive                                              in clinging alabaster gowns


placed find in uncertain palm

carried home omen

to decode


far-traveled stone, broken in two

still whispers memories

of olive groves, descending slopes

luminous air, cries

of winged predators circling above

aroma of wild thyme, oregano

black olives crushed underfoot


tall, ancient trees, gnarled

witnesses, mysteries

prophecies untrusted, misconstrued

warriors’ rancor, avarice

lust for conquest, loot

destroyed own kingdom

not blindly imagined enemies’


stone in uncertain palm

long discarded, perhaps disheartened

by truth ignored, unseen

wanderer should not have touched you

left you as found

among black olives underfoot


conscience disconcertingly mutters:

stolen from sacred ground


now what to do?

re-shut the shutter




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