Writing: Taboos, the Intimate, the Crazy

Writing: Write about Taboos, the Intimate, the Crazy

This is the globally announced, YouTube-spread writing advice of two luminaries: Margaret Atwood and Carol Oates.

So here I go.

This morning I awoke to a crazy thought, that should have been shrouded in awe but shone with childlike glee: offer your body to God!

It’s His anyway, reason muttered. But it’s always fun to receive a gift sang the heart. Wonder whether he’d accept it, crackeled doubt. Let’s take a look, I said.

And there he was, mighty luminous chest, arms crossed before it. And squeezed in between, my body, held couldn’t be tighter. Like: no one’s allowed to touch it.

The triumphant childlike glee is back! A feeling of sureness, of crazy trust having won. A smile, more truthful, a grin, lights up my face. A wave of gratitude sweeps over me, mingled with ripples of awe.

I sit and breathe. The image of the plastic contraption, a kind of breathing-trainer they gave me at the hospital pops into my mind. It still sitst untouched, hidden from sight, in my overnight bag.

See, my body has defects, reason protests. It’s pretty run down, worse for years of not so gentle wear. What about my assorted ailments? My out-of-sync heart? My trembling hands? My teeth-grinding?

Divine life experiences, comes the answer.

Don’t quite get what that means, but huge feeling of relief expands my chest, velvety warmth wraps all around me.

I feel crazy-happy.

Good time to do the laundry!


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