Compassion with self

Finally “getting” Donna Eden’s exercise:

Separating Heaven and Earth.

Why that peculiar name, she surely must mean “uniting”. I have not come across her explanation for the name she chose. I know it’s a very ancient exercise, going back to Egypt and millenary Indian yoga.

Man’s role, a Japanese once told me, is to link heaven and earth. Why then “separate”?

Because to live life as that link is such an endless, fatiguing, undoable task. We fail at it all the time.

The exercise says: take a break. Let go of your concern with your service to both. Stop. For an instant, just be. A bee not concerned with her eternal mission to buzz around in serve, distill honey, sweat wax.

Relax. Centered, palm against palm, push all, heaven and earth, away from you. Breathe, Open up a space for simply you, unobligated, missionless. Alone: all one.

How freeing that feels! Profound relief. An instant of compassion to self.

It’s a paradox. A physical koan exercise.

Paradoxical, beause at that moment of alone-at-oneness, you sense that heaven and earth are holding you in the palms of their hands.

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