2021 NaPoWriMo April 10 Worlds reside in tiny things

PROMPT: Combine into a poem:

“Reich’ mir die Hand mein Leben, Komm’ auf mein Schloss mit mir;
Kannst du noch widerstreben? Es ist nicht weit von hier!”

AND A VARIETY OF OBJECTS in a junk drawer

Worlds reside in tiny things

Notes engraved in my soul
by a seductive song
its hidden intent unheard
set a magnet
before long
an enchanted trust in love

It won a silver owl in Yucatan
where a young woman roamed
amidst children munching sweets

It conjured The Lovers on a Tarot card
from a fabled Jodorowsky retreat
left an odd silver-green sachet
its hidden tea bag still
faintly fragrant of bergamot

It pulled in miniature
dream-catcher earrings
feathers on a silver thread
from a Montana mine ghost town
and a carved-hawk pen
that never owned a line

It landed a notepad marked
Strand Hotel Rangoon
a non-fungible token of a dark moon
fallen into oblivion

where Kipling roamed
rats scrambled across a wedding cake
toddlers toyed
with grasshoppers on a leash
no strife
men sat meditating in the square

How did I reach there?
The echo in my soul
enchanted awake
“Give me your hand, my life!”
found love everywhere.

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