2022 NaPoWriMo DAY TEN 10 April 2022Life, woven from love?

Life, woven from love?

Look around, see nature woo,
squirrels chase from elm to fir,
wood pigeons coo,
buds break open, leaves renew,
bristly hedgehogs stir,
so, too, the human zoo.

Bus driver beams welcome
to arriving crew,
bearded face beneath blue
hood, limping old lady,
shy newly-weds, tourist
lost in morning mist,
of local language not a gist,
mom, bundled-up baby,
bright-helmeted cyclist –

driver alive to toing and froing,
smiles farewell to all on going,
openhearted benevolence,
no mere surface happenstance,
greetings instants of luminous trove:

life unceasingly weaving love.

NaPoWriMo: write a love poem.

NaPoWriMo DAY FOUR 4 April 2022

A tongue unraveled

Amble through the jungle,
find an orchid in bloom, guest of a luxuriant tree,
inhale its aroma of words,
the scent of its honey dew heart,
rest and wonder:
are words edible art?
Like a hummingbird hover,
home in on orchid’s flower-star,
a lover, see its chalice shimmer pearly bright,
alight, your bill ajar
unfurl your tongue,
sip, savor the sweet nectar of words.
When you’ve had your fill
retract your tongue,
bill closed, coil tongue inside,
don’t frown,
fold your wings, go to bed.
Night before long
will unravel your tongue,
braid a poem’s lines around your head
like a laurel crown.

Note to a young, glacier-patrolling friend.

🙏💙Wonderful times, for us two oldies, too, of pushing limits. In a busy, stationary, mental life of cooperation. Of dealing with an avalanche of data. 💯💯Scaling ridges of burocratic exigencies. Finding new ways of advancing across digital glaciers. Training endurance AND sensitivity.🕺⚜️
It’s so exhilarating how new skills of 💕love and comprehension 🤠happen🤬🥰 in these stretches of paradox. Like the arising of 🌈 rainbows when opposing forces, rain and sun, water 💦 and 🔥 fire, embrace each other!💞

So delighted at how you inspire 💫me, my new, ages-old, newfound soul friend!🫂

Have a sunny 😎 Sunday of glacier-patrolling training! ⛷️🥳💥