NaPoWriMo DAY FOUR 4 April 2022

A tongue unraveled

Amble through the jungle,
find an orchid in bloom, guest of a luxuriant tree,
inhale its aroma of words,
the scent of its honey dew heart,
rest and wonder:
are words edible art?
Like a hummingbird hover,
home in on orchid’s flower-star,
a lover, see its chalice shimmer pearly bright,
alight, your bill ajar
unfurl your tongue,
sip, savor the sweet nectar of words.
When you’ve had your fill
retract your tongue,
bill closed, coil tongue inside,
don’t frown,
fold your wings, go to bed.
Night before long
will unravel your tongue,
braid a poem’s lines around your head
like a laurel crown.

NaPoWriMo DAY TWO 2 April 2022


bare soles
afloat in space
flee from firm
ground gravel grass

let time rush
glitter restless
shun the moment

like a hummingbird
barely hover
a hungry instant
by eager blossom
forever err on
attracted away

their love
too thinly spread
offers no hold
sidesteps the open gate
holds no promise

cares not did the sun
rise or drown
lives empty-handed
lost in liquid

2022 NaPoWriMo Day 1 1st April Poolside

Two women, languorously by the hotel pool. Bored. One leafing thru a magazine, the other sipping from a tall glass that’s suddenly set down with a clink.
Did you see that?
What? without looking up.
The guy, over there.

A man in a swimsuit stands at the rim of the pool.
Oh, yes! Magazine slips from hands. Wow. I say.
Ready to dive in.
Looks like a panther.
Lithe, muscled.
Panthers don’t swim.
You sure? Sea lion then.

Standing tall, arms forward, man jumps in, slices the water. Moves forcefully, at ease.
Look how he parts the water. Like he owns it, knows it.
In his element.
A dolphin!
A shark.
See him lunge?
Such powerful strokes.
What if this shimmering rectangle of water were instead a smooth satin sheet, spread across the rectangle of a bed ?
What if the edge of the pool were the rim of the bed …
…With him, standing at the foot of the bed, ready to dive in…

Look, he’s getting out!
Water glistens on sculpted chest, spread out arms, as the unknown swimmer towels himself off…
See those powerful, tanned thighs…
Man who unknowingly cast a spell puts on a hotel robe, leaves the poolside, disappears.

Should have jumped in, too!
I was so transfixed I didn’t even think of it.
Hey, maybe we catch him at the bar!
A complete stranger! Totally unknown!
But what a presence. A body with such knowing in every movement…
Could be a shark, like you said.
I guess I’m willing to find out.

Crazy. Improper. Anyway, don’t count on me. Good night! See you in the morning! By the way haha! First find him!

The simplest letter

Chère amie,

Merci pour ton message si chaleureux et touchant.🫂

Toi, vous, êtes un vrai rayon de ☀️ soleil!

Nous aussi nous disons merci tous les jours à la vie, et bonjour aux merles et même aux corneilles. 🪶

Il n’y a que ça a faire:
être heureux, apprécier chaque instant. 🤗

Quelle joie de partager cette simple sagesse, un matin, à l’aube!🌹

Merci d’être là.
Je t’embrasse.💓



26 March 2022

Hi dear friend,
After listening to TONY ROBBINS last night – whose voice so REPELS you, this morning I feel curiously at peace and joyous.

Discovered something huge:
that I can do chores that I normally do inwardly dragging my feet, tempted to let myself slip into “justified, RIGHTEOUS OVERWHELM”,

I can do, and did, those “unwanted”, “draining” things with slow, delighted gentleness and loving fingertip care. And a big smile at the wonder of life.

And I woke up with another revelation, this one about YOU, dear friend (based on a psycho law you know well). Here it is:

If you zoom in on what you most dislike in Tony’s voice, you’ll discover, hidden behind it, the one thing that is HOLDING YOU BACK from the BIG success with your poetry, music and artwork. Guaranteed.

Let me know!! Have fun.
Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than sleuth work on oneself.
Spills right over into a freer world outside.

Note to a young, glacier-patrolling friend.

🙏💙Wonderful times, for us two oldies, too, of pushing limits. In a busy, stationary, mental life of cooperation. Of dealing with an avalanche of data. 💯💯Scaling ridges of burocratic exigencies. Finding new ways of advancing across digital glaciers. Training endurance AND sensitivity.🕺⚜️
It’s so exhilarating how new skills of 💕love and comprehension 🤠happen🤬🥰 in these stretches of paradox. Like the arising of 🌈 rainbows when opposing forces, rain and sun, water 💦 and 🔥 fire, embrace each other!💞

So delighted at how you inspire 💫me, my new, ages-old, newfound soul friend!🫂

Have a sunny 😎 Sunday of glacier-patrolling training! ⛷️🥳💥